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     County commissioners make up the general administrative body for county government. They hold authority for government taxing, budgeting, appropriating, and purchasing; and they hold title to county property. However, eight other elected officials, the judiciary, and several independent commissions possess executive authority for their offices.

Hamilton County Organization Chart
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Legislation and Government Affairs Updates


 Legislation and Government Affairs Updates:

Investors know that legislation and government are key components to growing your real estate business. It is for this reason that REIAGC works daily to bring information on key issues that may affect you. The information on this page is for education only and is not to be construed as legal advice. 

New Legislation Will Benefit Private Firm,
Won’t Really Help Tenants

Cincinnati Councilmember PG Sittenfeld’s proposal to mandate an insurance product instead of a security deposits was intended to help people who don’t have cash for a deposit. However, in the end, it will simply send business to a private company selling an untested product. And most importantly, the tenants who need the most help likely won’t get it.What’s needed is a pilot program to see whether this approach works or not.

“The legislation was inspired by a housing policy plan proposed by Rhino, a tech startup tackling the housing affordability crisis.”

This quote is from Rhino’s public relations firm announcing Sittenfeld’s proposal. It’s pretty clear that the “tech firm” has had a hand in creating this new mandate. Property owners will be required to offer insurance that meets these criteria:

  1. It must have a monthly payment option. Of 4 insurers we found who offer some sort of lower-cost insurance or bond for rental deposits, only 2, including Rhino, offered this option.
  2. It must guarantee to settle any damage claims with the property owner within 48 hours. Of the 4 insurer websites we reviewed, only 1—Rhino—assures this service.
  3. The proposed ordinance requires that property owners designate insurance providers for tenants.The ability to shop for the best rates and services will not be left up to the tenants.
  4. Rhino is apparently one of only four companies that meet the full requirements of the law it’s likely they will benefit the most from legislation.

Does the City of Cincinnati wanta tech startupdictating housing policy?