Real Estate Investors Association of Greater Cincinnati



Cincinnati REIA Meetings: The Greater Cincinnati Real Estate Investors Association (GCREIA) hosts two general meetings each month. The meetings are held on the FIRST and THIRD Thursdays of each month. Each general meeting is broken into two separate sessions, an EARLY session (6:00 PM) and the MAIN session (7:30 PM). At the end of the early session 7:00 PM we have Buy-Sell-Trade! This is an opportunity for our members to share what deals they are looking for, deals they want to sell or looking to trade. The main session is a water hose of great information. The main session will have a range of topics that are all relevant to the current real estate market. You will learn information about marketing, negotiating, evaluating properties, rental regulations, rehabbing properties, short sales and so much more. Let’s not forget NETWORKING. The general meetings are a great place to network. You can build relationships with other investors, find partners or find a vendor for your rehab or rental properties.

Not a member yet? You may attend one general meeting a year for FREE. Be sure to click on the Calendar of Events to learn about member sub-group meetings and Saturday sessions that focus on very specific real estate strategies.

Beginning April 6, 2017, Our semi monthly meetings are held at:

The Ramada Plaza Hotel

11320 Chester Rd.

Cincinnati, OH 4526


6:00 Early Meeting 7:30 Main Meeting.