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July 19th

Buying and Selling in Crazy-Creative, Profitable Ways,
PLUS How to Buy and Sell Big Packages of Rentals & Build Your Team

How can foreclosing ON YOURSELF make tens of thousands of dollar?
How can drawing a seller a picture assure that your offer gets accepted?
How can you sell all of your rentals right now, while the market is hot, in one big package?
Who are the most important people you can know in the real estate business?

All these questions (and so many more) will be answered at July 19th’s meeting.

Get the details and RSVP to this meeting here.


Don't you DARE Complain About "Lack of Inventory"...This All-Day, In the Field Workshop Demonstrates EXACTLY How to Get Deals Your Competitors Can't...

     On Monday, July 7th IN COLUMBUS, you have the truly unique opportunity to accompany one of America's most creative real estate buyers as he walks up to strangers' houses, knocks on their doors, and offers to buy their properties.

       YES, it's incredibly effective--he'll get invited into 80% of the houses he approaches and make offers on every one--AND will get some under contract while you watch.

      Don't worry, you don't have to do anything but watch and learn...But you have to sign up before the limited spaces are GONE.

The Columbus event on July 7th is your only WEEKEND option, so if a JOB is going to get in the way of you doing a weekday class, drive up and do this class at the member price. The details and registration are HERE

If you can do a weekday, Bill will be in Cincinnati doing the same class in Monday July 23rd. Register for that one HERE

July 23rd
Northern Ky. Chapter Meeting:
Mobiles, Manufactured Homes, More with Brad Simmons

Ever wondered whether there’s money in mobile homes? The answer is yes—if you buy them right and understand the exit strategies. That’s the topic of this month’s Northern Kentucky Chapter meeting; click here for all the details and to RSVP. 

Welcome to the Tri-State's Non-Profit Real Estate Investing Community! 

     For over 40 years, REIA of Greater Cincinnati has been training, connecting, and supporting real estate investors throughout the region through a non-profit community or new and experienced investors.

     Our members buy, sell, rehab, hold, and manage properties in the Greater Cincinnati area with the goal of achieving financial independence for themselves, and a better housing market for the neighborhoods in which we live.

    REIACG members meet to learn the best strategies for making money in today's real estate market, share resources, and network with like-minded people from all over the region. Our semi-monthly meetings feature the best local, regional, and national experts, and our many special-focus subgroup meetings cater to your favorite strategy or area of town.

    Join, an d you get tons of benefits for real estate entrepreneurs from cash back and discounts from your favorite vendors and service providers to legislative action and connections with other investors throughout Ohio through our membership in the Ohio Real Estate Investor's Association (OREIA). 

  Check us out by attending your first meeting FREE -- download a guest pass for any main meeting (1st & 3rd Thursday of each month) -- just click on any "General Membership Meeting" on the calendar on the right.

       When you meet our amazing group of members, we know you'll want to become part of our community, too!

July 5th: Networking Night!!

It’s Definitely WHO You Know,
And You’ll Definitely Get to Know More People at 
REIAGC’s Annual Network/Net Worth Picnic!

A big part of your FINANCIAL independence is about WHO you know—who you know who can loan you money, borrow your money, partner with you, buy deals from you, sell deals to you, fix your properties, help you understand the market…and that’s what this week’s REIA Picnic is all about!

Please please please pre-register HERE or by calling (513) 407-3137. Don’t forget we’ve moved to our bigger, better location at 5800 Mulhauser Rd, in West Chester Nr. IKEA!!

Saturday, June 30th

Not Your Mama’s Wholesaling Seminar

By now, you KNOW how to wholesale.

What you don’t know is how to turn that knowledge into a BUSINESS that can produce deal after deal, $10,000 a month or more…

And that’s exactly what you’ll learn on June 30th in Columbus!

Think about every stress you have in your life right now, and ask yourself 
this question:

"Would an extra $10,000 this month 
go a LOOOOONG way toward making life easier?"

Register By June 28, and Get 
These Bonuses…

Bonus #1: “The 7 Best Ways to Find Wholesale Deals” CD, a $19.95 value
Finding deals is the first important skill every wholesaler needs, and this CD explains how I do it. An invaluable boost to your ability to make money wholesaling.

Bonus #2: Your Own “Wholesaling is Not a Crime” T-shirt

Tell the ‘Wholesaling is illegal’ crowd what you think of their scare tactics and refusal to stand up for your rights with your loud, proud outerwear.



June 21st
Real-life note buying, team building, and more

Walk through a real Ohio note deal with a real-life investor, plus learn how to build your team or share the best contractors…

Ohio’s largest and fastest-growing real estate investor’s association invites you to another evening of practical investing information that you can use to build your own real estate empire. Members and first-time guest are always free! Get all the details and register here

Don’t forget we’ve moved to our bigger, better location at 5800 Mulhauser Rd, in West Chester Nr. IKEA!!

Wholesale School Starts June 19th! Get the Details HERE 

May 22nd
Northern Kentucky Chapter Meeting:
How to Find Off-Market Deals in Kentucky

Interested in investing in Kentucky? Come hang out with Northern Kentucky’s only association dedicated to making you a smarter, more successful real estate entrepreneur,and learn to find off-market deals in the list-challenges Nky market. RSVP or download a free first time guest pass HERE.


June 7th at our ALL NEW LOCATION

(the Holiday North, Mulhauer Rd. Near Ikea)

30 Days to $10K: How to Make Big Money Wholesaling Houses (with Vena Jones-Cox) PLUS 
The Magic of Land Trusts (with James Flax, Esq.)

          Wholesaling houses is HOT…and no wonder, since you can earn $10,000 a month part time without tenants, toilets, rehab, or big cash investments!

     Vena Jones-Cox has done over 800 wholesale deals in hot markets, cold markets, and in between markets, and on June 7th she’ll share her best tips and tricks (and mistakes to avoid!) to help YOU make more money in the 2018 market.

      Come early and learn all about one of the most powerful (and misunderstood) tools in the real estate business: land trusts.

      If you sincerely want to change your financial future through real estate while being an ethical provider of housing and a benefit to the local community, you're welcome at REIAGC!

      June 7th is guest night and all guests attend FREE, just get all the details and RSVP HERE.

may 18--How to Get the Negotiation Edge,

Plus Rental and Self-Storage Investing!

In today's hot real estate market, EVERYONE is looking for an edge.

Drew White has it: he's one of the best negotiators (and negotiation instructors!) we know. Come learn how to get sellers to say 'yes' more often.

Join us for our early meeting to learn the basics of rentals and hear about one members' self-storage investment, too! 

RSVP or download a guest pass HERE and get the time, location, and full agenda!

Saturday, May 12th:

     The Tri-State's premier networking event for new and experienced landlords, rehabbers, wholesalers, note buyers, creative financiers, and the companies that make our businesses easier and more profitable.
  • Meet dozens of high-value vendors and service providers
  • Network with hundreds of local  investors
  • Listen in on skill-building presentations throughout the day

     Featuring America's Top Landlord
    Jeffrey Taylor AKA Mr. Landlord
    on "Ten Ways to Make More Money from Your Rentals"

     Attendees are free; get your ticket HERE

    Do you have a product or service real estate entrepreneurs need? Find out about becoming an exhibitor HERE

May 3rd

The Inside Secrets to Dealing with Contractors
Plus the Cincinnati Building Department Speaks

Here at the Non-Profit Real Estate Investors Association of Greater Cincinnati, we’re on a mission to put you in front of local experts who can help you make your business better AND local officials who enforce the laws and ordinances you have to deal with.

At this meeting, you’ll learn how to find the right contractors in this labor-tight market, plus hear from the Director of the Cincinnati Building Department.

Whether you’re a full-on retailer, or a landlord who needs turnovers done fast, or a wholesaler who needs help understanding the real costs your buyers face, you should be at this meeting. RSVP or download your free first-time guest pass HERE

April 24th

Finally, a Group 
Northern Kentucky Investors!

REIA of Greater Cincinnati gets even Greater with the addition of the new Northern Kentucky Chapter—a community that addresses the challenges and opportunities of investing in Kentucky!

Our kickoff meeting features Boone County Master Commissioner Larry Dillion, discussing the foreclosure process in Kentucky and how to buy foreclosed properties there. PLEASE RSVP—space for this meeting is limited to 60. Get the full schedule and tell us you’re coming HERE.


April 19th
Air BnB for investors, section 8 landlording and flipping for beginners…

On April 19th, we’re showing off some of REIA’s most innovative and successful members—and they’re coming to help YOU understand how to follow in their footsteps (and avoid their mistakes!) in strategies like Air BnB properties, renting through the section 8 voucher program, and even flipping houses.

Our community is here to help you be successful, by sharing knowledge, resources, and life lessons from over 800 members with local experience in the real estate investing business. Whether you’re a brand-new investor or a seasoned pro looking to network with others, come check out this exciting group.

The entire agenda (including our free dinner and 6 p.m. early workshops for new and experienced investors) is [HERE]; you can also RSVP or download a free first-time guest pass there!

APRIL 5th 
Can You Own Real Estate without Being in Debt? Find Out at our April 5th meeting...
Eh, what the heck, we'll give away the answer--it's YES.

But come to our April 3rd meeting to find out HOW local, real-life investors are getting rentals without debt, paying off their mortgages decades early, getting rid of their car loans, student loans, and credit card bills.

It's not a trick, it's not a "program", it's a combination of smart moves and the right knowledge. It'll inspire you to become TRULY financially free, too. Click  [HERE]

MARCH 15th 
How to Buy Apartment Buildings
+ finding deals & how to transition to no job

Apartment buildings, bought and managed right, can literally be your path to a WAAAAY early retirement. And no, you don’t have to buy single family homes first…or have a ton of your own money…or even buy them in Columbus.

Our guest speaker, Anthony Chara, owns over 1,400 units around the US with his partners, and he did it all starting exactly where you are now—with zero apartment buildings.

Whether you’re a member or not, a new investor or an experienced one, you’re welcome to come and see why Anthony thinks you should be buying apartments NOW, and what they can do for you.

Get the whole agenda (we’re also going to be hearing from a panel of insurers about your health insurance options when your apartments start making so much money that you quit your job) and RSVP HERE


Build Your Crucial Property Inspection Skills
And Learn Your Health Insurance Options…

There’s a reason that REIAGC is the largest and fastest-growing community of real estate investors and flippers in a 5-state area: meetings like this one that cut through all the hype and give you real information to make you real money!

On March 1st, you’ll learn how to recognize common-but-often-hidden problems with properties that can cost you a FORTUNE if you miss them, and hear from several providers of health insurance options for self-employed people.

The entire agenda is available by CLICKING HERE; you can also download a free first-time guest pass there! 

Tech advice to make your business easier, plus how to find the value of properties and why high-end rentals rock

Come on out and meet the Tri-State’s largest, fastest-growing, most excited and exciting community of real estate entrepreneurs, while building your knowledge with information about the best apps, sites, and software for your business.

The entire agenda (including our early workshops for new and experienced investors, on how to find the values of properties and why high-end rentals are the best) [click here]; you can also download a free first-time guest pass there!

FEBRUARY 10 & 11

TWO DAY Wealth Building Workshop
with Robyn Thompson,
So Cheap We Hesitate to Tell You the Price… 

            Robyn Thompson is SOOOOO Good, and her topics (How to Get Rich Rehabbing on Saturday the 10th and How to Build Massive Passive Wealth with High-End Rentals on Sunday) are SOOOO hot that people are asking us why it’s so CHEAP. 

            It’s only $97 for members for both days ($127 for non-members) because Robyn insisted that we make it as affordable as possible for as many people as possible—but that means it’s going to FILL UP, so click here to grab one of the last 20 seats (and see the full agenda).

Cincinnati Gets a Royal Visit from the Queen of Rehab!

If you’ve always wanted to make $20,000-$50,000 checks “Fixing and Flipping” houses, you REALLY need to learn what Robyn Thompson has to teach.

She’s done that over 350 times, and she’s got systems and advice for everything from how to find the good deals to how to get the money to how to deal with the contractors to how to sell fast and for top price.

And as an extra bonus, you’ll learn all about the new tax law and how it affects you at our 6:00 meeting, too.

All members and guests are welcome to this special meeting with the national expert. All the details and your instant online registration are HERE



Let’s cut to the chase and spend a day getting you on the right track to making some real money in 2018.

This workshop, led by REIA past president Vena Jones-Cox, covers all the basics like how to choose the right exit strategy, avoid overspending on education, find deals in a hot market, and stay on track.

It’s a real-life, warts-and-all look at what you’ll have to do to, who you’ll have to know, and what you’ll need to learn, to live the life of your dreams with real estate as the money-making vehicle.

…and best of all, it’s UNDER $100 for members, and just $127 for non-members Get the full description and grab a seat HERE

The Most Profitable Strategy of 2018, + How to Pick an Exit Strategy and Use Google to Grow Your Business…

If you haven’t heard of “Repair for Equity”, you’re missing out on one of the most in-demand, high-profit strategies of the decade—25% returns, anyone? Bob Dressman has completed hundreds of these deals, and he’ll share the pros and cons.

At our early workshops, you can choose from How to Pick the Right Exit Strategy or How to Use Google to Grow Your Business; whatever you do, RSVP now to join the Tri-State’s largest, fastest-growing, most excited and exciting community of real estate entrepreneurs!




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