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Good Debt, Bad Debt


Every day I meet people at a stage of their lives where debt is greatly affecting them. They are beginning to realize that debt takes much more than just your money.  

I am talking about people with average salaries—and people making good money or even exceptional money, but not necessarily making financial progress. These are good people, people that deep down know there is a better way but never seem to find it.  

When I refer to Good Debt, I am actually using shorthand meaning “good uses of debt.”  Debts, like guns, are actually neither good nor bad in and of themselves. In both cases, it takes a human to pull the trigger. When we sign, scan, or otherwise acknowledge indebtedness, we are pulling the trigger. It is how we use debt, and what we use it for that makes it good or bad.  

Using debt without considering value of the goods, services, or property being acquired is the beginning of serious trouble.  

Using debt wisely can increase your wealth, net worth, and cash flow. Using it poorly decreases or destroys these things. Never using debt at all