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Where do you find great deals on Apartments?

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        I get this question a lot, especially, during or just after a presentation showing an apartment complex illustrating a ‘cash on cash’ return in excess of 20%.

        If you went to a Commercial Broker and told them you were looking for properties with a 20% COCR, they’d do one of two things; 1-They’d tell you they would buy the property themselves if they ever found one with a 20% COCR or 2-They’d hang up on you because they’d think your expectations are unrealistic.

        You probably won’t find an Apartment complex advertised with a 20% COCR. Just like the broker said, if it fell into their lap, they’d buy it. However, you can increase your chances of finding some great deals by doing a few things differently.

        First off, there’s no big secret in ‘finding’ Apartment complexes for sale. Start by using the same vehicles most investors use. For instance, you can search through or go to any of the major or regional Commercial Brokerage web sites such as Marcus & Millichap (, CB Richard Ellis ( or Sperry Van Ness ( just to name a few. There are many many more out there.

        You can also peruse local newspapers in the market you’re