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Negotiating Foreclosures


Think of yourself as an investor or buyer’s broker. Your goal is to buy one or two single family detached houses at the best price possible. So, you target foreclosures.

First you will need to see if someone in your community offers a foreclosure listing service. Most large cities have them. That will save a lot of time.

Then comes the sorting process. You are looking for value. So, one sorting process would be to look for properties with old loans. 

Maybe you’ll have a property style sort. Only brick on slab, no houses on pier footing – whatever makes sense or non-sense in your market.

Maybe you’ll have a type of sort, like no condos; or a function sort like three bedrooms or larger.

There are three stages of foreclosure. The first stage is pre-foreclosure. It includes people who are behind on their payments and homeowners that have had foreclosure action filed against them, but the sale has yet to occur. This is the best time for the most profit requiring the least cash and/or credit. The second stage is the s