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Have you ever wondered what some of the secrets are to success with real estate investing?



Here's a good one that just came to mind while working with a new person in the game: Volunteering 

Volunteering is how I got started on the road to success.  

A very seasoned member of my local REIA gave me that advice when I asked him what I could do to become successful in real estate investing. He said to volunteer. And I did. 

When you volunteer, you will find it useful to have your information handy on a card to give out. If you haven't already, make sure to get yourself some basic business cards that have your contact info on them: name, email, phone number, and (maybe) address. 

I know people talk about doing things digitally but there is still an excellent case to be made for a business card. I'm pretty sure no one ever scrolls through their contacts in their phone looking at who they have not talked to lately. But they *will* take a look through a pile of business cards now and then. 

What if they come across yours, they realize they have a good profit motive to reach out to you, and then you are right there to capture the money. Won't you be glad you gave out a business card to them when you volunteered?