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How to sell your deals on effectively and legally


As you probably know, one of the big benefits of membership in REIAGC is your ability to post deals—wholesale, rental, or properties you don’t want anymore—on, where they’re then sent to our nationwide list of over 4,700 potential buyers. 

Lots of members are taking advantage of this and selling deals (and filling rentals) using it, as you can see in your weekly inbox. 

But we’re also seeing lots of members who haven’t used it or who are using it in ways that aren’t as effective as they could be. So here are a few tips for increasing the effectiveness of your ads and staying within the law as we understand it so that this powerful tool works for you. 

  • First, in order to post ads on our site, you MUST have your own “Pros” website, which comes free with your membership, already set up. 

If you log in to with your password, you’ll see a tab at the top called “my account” and a dropdown that says “my website.” If you haven’t set up your site yet, you’ll be prompted through a seri

What Are You Waiting For? Get Started Already…



Just this morning, I was having yet another conversation with a fellow educator about the frustration we have with students who have the brains, education, and resources to make deals—but who, month after month, do everything BUT make deals.

We discussed people who spend big bucks on courses, set up their LLCs, draft land trusts, buy marketing/accounting/management software, attend local REIA meetings religiously, have a color-coded filing system, get their real estate license, start a buyer’s list, concoct every conceivable question about every conceivable scenario in a deal…

…in fact, do everything that it takes to be a successful real estate entrepreneur except make offers.

Many of these people are successful in their other endeavors; many have good jobs, nice houses, great kids, you name it. But they can never seem to get to the point of actually buying a property, no matter what we tell them or how much time passes.

What many of you seem to be waiting for is that NEXT bootcamp or the NEXT investor meeting or the NEXT meeting with their coach.


What’s all that Procrastination Really About


Many folks believe they procrastinate because they are “lazy”. As a result, they beat themselves over the head and feel bad about it.

(Maybe you do too.)

It’s not true though.

Procrastination has nothing to do with laziness.

This is just a cop out. It’s a story you tell yourself so that you get to feel bad for a little while “punishing yourself” for not taking action and following through on the commitments you made. Trouble is, it only makes your procrastination worse and reinforces the negative cycle.

You need to break the cycle.


By understanding what really causes procrastination. It’s not what most folks think. There’s something deeper at play, something unconscious, and it’s stopping you from getting into action, staying in action, and following through on the commitments you made to others and yourself.


The Science of Rehabbing: Unlocking Success with Bulletproof Rehab Projects


In the dynamic world of real estate investing, successful rehab projects require a meticulous approach that minimizes risks and maximizes returns. The key to achieving this lies in "bulletproofing" your rehabs – implementing strategies that ensure your projects are completed on time, within budget, and with maximum profitability. In this article, we will explore the six essential keys to success in rehabbing properties. By incorporating these principles into your projects, you can increase your chances of achieving guaranteed success.

Key 1: Understanding the Main Elements in Every Rehab

A thorough understanding of the main elements involved in a rehab project is crucial. From assessing structural integrity to identifying potential issues, this key emphasizes the importance of comprehensive property evaluation. By conducting detailed inspections and accurately identifying necessary repairs, you can establish a solid foundation for your rehab projects. Having a checklist is a must. Just like a pilot relies on a checklist before takeoff, investors should embrace this practice to ensure every crucial element is addressed.

A checklist serves as a valuable tool, helping you stay o

8 Reasons to Use Private Money


After my banker cut me off, I had to turn to another source to be able to fund my real estate deals. I quickly learned the power of asking and the importance of asking for that you want in this world.

  1. You make the rules. Whenever you’re borrowing money at the bank, they get to make all the rules. They give you the interest rates, the payments, and the terms of the loan. Conversely, when you borrow money from private lenders, you get to write the rules and set your own terms. In the end, this gives you more control over the deals you make with lenders, the exact opposite of borrowing money from the bank.
  2. No monthly payments. The vast majority of deals I make with private lenders do not have monthly payments. We set up quarterly, biannual, or annual payments that allow us more freedom and flexibility. A lot of deals that we have in place don’t require a payment for a full year. This helps us to free up cash flow whenever we need it.
  3. No origination fees. When you borrow money from the bank, you’re typically going to have to pay an origination fee. This essentially just stacks up to another point being added to your loan, which costs you more money in the end.
  4. You can close quickly. Time is always a factor in this business, so yo

Yes, Interest Rates are having a huge effect on Price…

Minnesota Real Estate Investors Association, Inc.


Everyone knows that as interest rates rise, real estate prices drop.  It is only natural.  If the current interest rate is 4% on a $300,000 loan, the monthly PI (Principle & Interest) payment is $1,432.25.  If the interest rate goes up to 7% and the average buyer can only afford a monthly payment of $1,432.25, then the maximum amount they can borrow goes down to $215,277.40.

This is affectively what has happened over the past year and a half, so why have prices continued to climb?  That’s a great question and can be explained by the extremely low inventory levels.  The level of inventory has been so low for so long that the principles of supply and demand have caused prices to increase dramatically. 

In other words, if interest rates hadn’t risen so much so fast, the average loan balance may have risen to $565,000.  That is what the borrowers could afford based on the current average monthly PI payment of $2,700 and an interest rate of only 4%.

The following chart shows the affect interest rates have on a borrowers ability to pay over the past 18 months.

Loan Balance Interest Rate Monthly PI Payment  

Learn How to Flip Land—Your 5 Keys to Whole-Hearted Success


If you are ready to learn how to flip land for profits using a proven and scalable system, you are in the right place.

I share 5 characteristics of a person who has what it takes to turn around and sell vacant land for profit. But really, these characteristics are vital to succeeding at anything in life. 

#1 Have a Goal.

If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know how to get there? Most people are just floating through life. They have a job they don’t like, but it makes “enough,” and they “don’t hate it.” I call this “comfortable misery.”

No goal of saving a million dollars in the bank. No dream of becoming executive vice president. They might say, “I want to change my life.” But, if you’re not specific about it, you’re going to fail. Those who win in land investing have looked into our Land Profit Generator community, have seen other successful people with a lifestyle they want, and they’ve made specific goals: 

I’m going to:

The Most Important Part of a Speech (If You Want To Connect)


In a recent poll, I asked, “What is the most important part of a speech?”

We received several responses. Answers ranged from:

- The opening
- The closing
- Connection with the audience
- The delivery

These are excellent responses.

There is no wrong answer to this question, but, there’s one answer I left out. It’s the most important part of a presentation:

The thoughts and feelings of the audience listening to your speech.

The purpose of speaking is to change listeners’ perspective on a topic.

(There is one exception: the entertaining speech, but the majority of presentations have a message).

The best speeches focus on providing a new insight or way of thinking. They challenge the listener to see and experience the world in a new way.

I speak to audiences about the value of business storytelling.

People often walk into my presentations with thoughts like:

- I only need to give people the facts
- Storytelling is a waste of time
- I don’t need help telling a story

If I’m going to break through those beliefs, I have to change their perspective. My job is to change their thoughts and feelings about storytelling.

How Do You Do That?

Begin with the end. The first question to ask yourself when structuring your presentation is:

What do you want the audience to think, feel, or do differently when yo

21 Tips to Read Before You Get Started Investing in Note


 “How do I get started investing in notes?”

That’s a question we hear daily from tired landlords, stressed out rehabbers, or the couple next door wanting to improve life for their family.

Own The Real Estate Or Be The Bank

There are differences between investing in real estate vs. mortgage notes. Rather than owning the property, you own the right to collect payments on a promissory note. You are the one receiving the payments.

If something needs fixed the owner has to do it. And like the bank, you also have the right to take the property back through foreclosure in the event of non-payment. If this happens you can then sell the property for cash or take back another note.

Of course most note investors would rather just earn their yield and have the note payoff as scheduled (or better yet, early)! After 25+ years of buying and selling seller financed notes there have been both wins and losses. If you are getting started here are my…

21 Tips for Investing In Real Estate Notes


Can I really amortize 400 months?


I was in the middle of negotiating on a probate property. It was the original home the seller’s family built in 1962. I could see the seller was very attached to this home. Why wouldn’t he be? He had an amazing childhood in this home. The first time I met with him I spent about two hours getting to know him. Finding out what his goals are and what he is looking for in a buyer.

This may sound remedial, but it’s important to understand; the seller is really the one who has some pain that he is trying to avoid. This is something many new and experienced real estate investors forget. It’s for this reason, I spend so much time on the phone and in person speaking with the seller. Many people have told me this is a waste of time. To them I ask, “Is it really?” If you don’t spend the time getting to know your seller, how will you ever find out what their real estate problem is to create a deal that will resolve/ease their pain?

As the potential buyer, you need to take the time building rapport with the seller. Don’t forget, you can be up against more than a half dozen potential buyers. What is going to make you stand out as, “the only logical choice.” Understanding what the seller’s needs are must be crystal clear.