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Cincinnati "Renter's Choice" Law requires rental deposit alternatives and much more


The City of Cincinnati now requires that all rental housing providers who "own and control more than 25 units" offer alternatives to a full rental deposit, including so-called "deposit insurance" or the option of paying the deposit over several months.

This ordinance also re-defines retaliatory eviction as any eviction that occurs within 6 months of a tenant reporting code violations or other conditions to applicable authorities, unless the housing provider can prove "by a preponderance of evidence" that the eviction is due to the tenant laying waste to or illegally using the property, or the owner wants to move into the house or remove it from the rental market permanently, or the property must be vacated to make repairs. 

It contains a disclosure that must be given to residents prior to move in, as well.

Click to read final version of new law: Renters Choice  

Recorded council session click HERE


Mike Jacka12/28/2021

mjacka@TheRealEstateHouse.netSecurity Deposit insurance? What's next, rent controls? Oh ya, we already have rent controls.

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