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I FINALLY Understand What “Financial Friends” Are...

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For decades, I’ve heard Pete Fortunato going on and on about his “financial friends” and “allies” and how important they’ve been to his enormous success in the real estate business.

As a relatively new investor, my limiting thought was, “Great, Pete, you’re a million years old [he was probably 45 at the time] and you’ve been doing this forever, and you have rich friends who’ve ALSO been doing this forever, who know that you’re super-experienced and able to perform.

Also, you’ve helped them with YOUR money or deals, so they help you with yours.

What in the world has this got to do with me? I don’t have the track record or the relationships with people with money that you have, nor the money to help THEM with THEIR deals, so move on and tell me how to buy houses with no money!”

Because I Just. Didn’t. Get it.

I thought that a “financial friend” was something like an actual friend or family member, who might, I don’t know, give you a loan at 0% interest just to help you get your first deal—a sort of angel with a checkbook who’d do whatever it took to get you the money you needed.

Or that it was a person in a mental rolodex of people who had money—like private lenders, or hard money lenders—who could be ‘convinced’ to give it to you IF you qualified and IF yo