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February 6th:
Curious About Commercial Properties?
Want to Slash Your Property Taxes?
Or Just Want to Meet Like-Minded People?
Join us February 6th...

      If you're serious about making real estate a serious part of your income, you need to get with the local community that's here to educate, support, and help Tri-State investors grow their businesses quickly, safely, and ethically.

       At our February 6th meeting, nationally known self-storage investor Scott Meyers joins us to share his experiences in this passive income strategy, plus Attorney Chris Finney and Hamilton County Auditor Dusty Rhodes talk about how to file--and win--property tax challenges that can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars each year. 

     You'll also get the chance to meet an network with 150 like-minded colleagues, find resources you need for your business, and, who knows? Maybe even do a deal or two. 

       Members and first-time guests are free; RSVP or get your free first-time guest pass HERE.

    If you're investing in, or interested in investing in, Cincinnati-area real estate, you're welcome


Welcome to the Tri-State's Non-Profit Real Estate
Investing Community! 

     For 45 years, REIA of Greater Cincinnati has been training, connecting, and supporting real estate investors throughout the region through a non-profit community of new and experienced investors.

     Our members buy, sell, rehab, hold, and manage properties in the Greater Cincinnati area with the goal of achieving financial independence for themselves, and a better housing market for the neighborhoods in which we live.    REIACG members meet to learn the best strategies for making money in today's real estate market, share resources, and network with like-minded people from all over the region. Our semi-monthly meetings feature the best local, regional, and national experts, and our many special-focus subgroup meetings cater to your favorite strategy or area of town.

    Join, and you get tons of benefits for real estate entrepreneurs from cash back and discounts from your favorite vendors and service providers to legislative action and connections with other investors throughout Ohio through our membership in the Ohio Real Estate Investor's Association (OREIA). 

  Check us out by attending your first meeting FREE -- download a guest pass for any main meeting (1st & 3rd Thursday of each month) -- just click on any "General Membership Meeting" on the calendar on the right.

When you meet our amazing group of members, we know you'll want to become part of our community, too! 

January 16th

Women Who Rock the Real Estate Word
+ The New Cincinnati Rental Law

     Here at REIAGC we talk about all sorts of strategies for building wealth—but if you want to learn real-life ways to make more money from REIAGC members who speak from experience, this is your meeting!

     Our panel of successful female REIA members do every strategy from wholesaling to retailing to rentals to creative financing to apartments to AirBnB and commercial properties, and they’ll answer any question you have about their success secrets and challenges.

     If you come early, Councilman Greg Landsman will share what you need to know about the requirements for landlords in the new rental law passed by City Council…get the details, agenda, and a free first-time guest pass HERE

January 11th

There’s No Better Way to Spend a Day
Than Using it to Plan Your
More Successful, More Fulfilling Business.
Oh, Wait, Yes there Is…

               You can spend it guided by one of the most successful real estate investors in the U.S., too.

               Find out all about him, and it, HERE.

January 2nd:
What if Your Real Estate Business in 2020 
Was More Profitable AND Easier AND More Fun?

               Success in real estate isn’t just about the money in the bank: it’s about whether you’re enjoying it, and fulfilled by it, and working on the parts of it that are most productive AND the most within your “genius zone” (yeah, you have one).

               If you’re looking to build a business that doesn’t just produce wads of cash, but also contributes to the world, and your community, and that you’re excited to be part of every day, take an evening to learn exactly how to create THAT business in 2020.

 Our super-special guest speaker, Shaun McCloskey, has literally coached the most successful real estate investors in the U.S.—names you’d know, and people with businesses you want for yourself—in this process. It’s been 2 years since he’s made an appearance at a local Real Estate Association, so this is a “don’t miss” event.

               Whether you’re brand new, or have a real estate business that isn’t…quite…what you’d hoped for, you’ll leave this meeting with a plan to build a business you’ll love, instead of just one that meets your financial needs. RSVP or get a first-time guest pass HERE

December 5th:
Food, Fun, & Fighting,
and You’re Invited!

              It’s time for our biggest, most networking-est meeting of the year: the REIAGC Real estate Entrepreneur Holiday Party!

              We’ll have food (a full-on Holiday Buffet!), fun (hanging out with the most excited, active group of real estate entrepreneurs in Ohio!), and fighting (over who has the best—and worst—deal of the year), and, member or not, we’d love to see you there!

We DO need your RSVP, though…do that here

November 21st:
Bring What You Have. 
Leave with What You Want. 
(and learn about how to work with colleagues & minimize your taxes at our early workshops)

              What’s the best thing about being a member of a community of over 900 local real estate entrepreneurs?

              That’s easy: it’s the ability to leverage other people’s knowledge, experience, efforts, money, credit, and connections to build YOUR business faster.

              At our November 21st meeting, REIA of Greater Cincinnati is giving you the chance to do exactly that, with our giant, guided “haves and wants” session.

All the info, including the exciting early workshops on working with other investors and reducing your 2019 taxes, your chance to download a free first time guest pass, location, and more, are HERE.


November 7th
Ever Wondered Whether There's Money in VACANT LAND? This months presenter says "OH Yeah!"
Plus Best Ideas from the OREIA Convention

          Join us Thursday evening to hear a real-life REIAGC member talk about the profitable business he's built on those vacant land deals that you probably discard. At our 6:00 early meeting, we'll share the best money-making ideas from the OREIA National Real Estate Summit, too.

        New and experienced members and guests are welcome for the best local real estate advice, networking and support: come join us!

       Get the full agenda, RSVP, or get a free first-time guest pass HERE.

October 22nd:

What Are the Best Strategies in the Northern Kentucky Market? 
Northern Kentucky Market Forecast

     Here at the Real Estate Investors Association of Greater Cincinnati (REIAGC) we are dedicated to bringing you the best in local, regional, and national education, on topics that are crucial to building your real estate investing or flipping business right here in the Northern Kentucky area, right now.

     At this months meeting...long-time investor and REIA executive director Vena Jones-Cox will share statistics and 1-, 5-, and 10-year predictions that will make you a better, more prepared real estate entrepreneur. This market forecast is focused entirely on the Northern Kentucky market, so if you invest there (or want to), be at you REALLY need to be at this meeting and it is free to members and guests when you RSVP or get your free first-time guest pass HERE.

October 17th:

Time-Saving, Money-Making, Inside Secrets of Experienced Rehabbers
+ How NOT to Get Sued!

             Here at REIAGC, we talk about all sorts of strategies for building wealth—but if you want to learn real-life ways to make more money (and be a better businessperson) from REIAGC members who speak from decades of combined experience, this is your meeting.

             A panel of our most experienced “rehabbers”—the folks who know where to find good contractors—will share tips on the most effective fixes that can take the place of big replacements; tricks to get properties sold or rented faster, and more.

             If you come early, Attorney James Flax will share danger zones for wholesalers, landlords, creative financiers, and more, and best practices that should keep you out of trouble--get the details, agenda, and a free first-time guest pass HERE.

October 3rd:
Secrets of Getting Better Money from Banks 
+ Building a Real Estate Business
When You Have a Job

          Bank loans are cut-and-dried, right? Make your down payment, pass their credit checks, follow their rules, and you’re good to go.

          That’s not the whole story—and you’ll learn how to get better deals (lines of credit! Preferred service!) at this the October 3rd REIAGC meeting.

           Plus, if you have a job AND a real estate business, come to our early session at 6 to find out how to grow the latter without losing the former (and things to think about, carefully, before you quit).

           Get the full agenda, RSVP, or get a free first-time guest pass HERE

What’s Next Up in the Real Estate Market
(And More Importantly, How Do YOU Use it
To Get Rich?)
Find out FREE on either October 4th or October 5th!

            Here at REIAGC, it’s our job to make sure you get both the information you need to make money right now, AND the long-term view you need to make money in the years to come.

            That’s why we’ve invited Vena Jones-Cox, uber-investor and past president of National REIA, to give a 3-hour workshop called “Next Market Investing” and you can pick your day, either Friday, October 4th or Saturday, October 5th.

            She’ll share:

  • What’s REALLY happening with prices, inventory, rents, and regulation in our market, right now, and what that means to YOUR strategy over the next 12-24 months
  • How the coming recession will affect apartments and single family homes, and the opportunities and challenges it presents for wholesalers, retailers, landlords, and note buyers
  • How the retirement of 10,000 baby boomers a day opens up entire new strategies in real estate investing
  • How changes in technology mean that finding off-market deals is easier and cheaper than ever before—even for those of us who aren’t “technical”
  • What the recent and proposed increase in the requirements for “conventional loans” do to you, and how investors ALWAYS get money to buy houses when it’s hard to go to a bank and qualify for a loan
  • How to make money selling houses when home buyers AREN’T buying
  • How to recognize when you should be stocking up on properties, and when you should be selling them—and strategies for doing that, when the time is right
  • How the tidal wave of new property regulation and litigation affects you (and how to fight back)
  • When the next 2007-like crash is likely to come, and how to be one of the people who profit from it
  • Resources that can move your real estate business forward faster, help you avoid mistakes, and give you the connections you need to succeed

            We think this is so important that we’re paying your way into it; all you have to do is pre-register at

            The times and location are there, too. We hope you’ll take advantage of this important opportunity to learn how to thrive in the coming down market!

September 24th
NKY Chapter Meeting
What is Subject To?

Learn to Buy Houses with No Money Down!

     We will be discussing "Subject To" and how to buy houses with no money down and the sellers that are looking to walk away from their properties. 

     Michelle Clayton has been a real estate entrepreneur since 2011, specializing in providing winning solutions when people need to sell their properties by creating win-win solutions, and quick closings .

     Learn more, and network with others who invest (or want to invest) in Northern Ky. real estate by RSVPing HERE

September 19th
Need Profitable Partnerships?

Want to Know More About Making Offers?
Looking for the Best Contractors?
Then You Need to be HERE, September 19th

     Here at Real Estate Investors Association of Greater Cincinnati (REIAGC) we are dedicated to bringing you the best in local, regional, and national education, on topics that are crucial to building your real estate investing or flipping business right here in the Greater Cincinnati area, right now.

         At this month's meeting, you'll learn how to create profitable partnerships, and at our early meetings we will be discussing how to make offers that will get accepted and finding the best contractors. We expect a full house, so please RSVP (and if you're joining us for the first time, download a free first-time guest pass) HERE

September 5th
If Passive Income Turns You On More than Flipping, 
You’ll LOOOOOVE This Meeting… 

Best selling author, successful serial entrepreneur, and award-winning educator George Antone is coming to REIAGC to share the hard-core advice about minimizing risk, using debt intelligently, protecting your portfolio when the market declines, and creating a passive-income lifestyle fast, but safely, that he’s nationally famous for.  

If your REAL goal is long-term wealth and passive income, you REALLY need to know George; this meeting is free to members and guests when you RSVP HERE

August 27th
NKY Chapter Meeting
What About AirBnB? 
AirBnB is the hottest new strategy of the decade, but is it right for you? 

     We will be covering the hot topic of Airbnb’s. If you’re looking to find out the pro’s & con’s, where to find ideal properties, how to get the money to buy and much, much more this is the meeting for you.

     Goodwin Yee has been a short-term rental investor since 2012, managing an Arizona rental from as far away as Shanghai. He uses AirBnB and Homeaway/VRBO to market his properties. He’s also a traditional landlord and a note buyer and at the August 27th meeting, he’ll present “Realities of Short-Term Rentals”.

     Learn more, and network with others who invest (or want to invest) in Northern Ky. real estate by RSVPing HERE

August 17th
Want to Know More About Notes and Mortgages?
The One-Day Workshop Shows You Their Power…

            We bet you’ve heard some of the most successful members of the REIAGC community sing the praises of notes and mortgages—they’re high-yielding investments, AND a powerful way to get more deals.

            Check out our 1-day Notes 101 workshop with nationally-recognized expert Andy Werner HERE. Space is limited, your satisfaction is guaranteed, and we’re running out of seats…

August 15th:

Local Success Stories Share How They’d Get it All Back
If They Lost it All Tomorrow…

               Here at REIAGC, we talk about all sorts of strategies for building wealth—but if you want to know how to build it as fast as possible, with as few useless detours and wasted energy as possible, this is your meeting.

               A panel of our most experienced “enders”—the folks who are already where you want to be—will talk about what they’d do to make a million dollars in 2 years if they lost EVERYTHING except their knowledge.

               In other words, they’ll be showing you, from the vantage point of decades of experience, exactly what YOU need to be spending your time on if YOU want to build your business and assets fast.

               If you come early, there are also workshops on team building and tenant screening—get the details, agenda, and a free first-time guest pass HERE.


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