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September 20th
Effective negotiation, private lending, and best business practices…

            Successful real estate entrepreneurs negotiate every day—with buyers, sellers, banks, private lenders, contractors, and other investors. Getting the deal you need is so crucial to your success that you need to stop winging it, and get some scripts that work. We’ll learn that, plus how to be a successful private lender and run your business in a way that won’t get you sued at our September 20th meeting.

            It’s open to Tri-State real estate investors, flippers, landlords, and wannabes, come check out why we’re the area’s most popular and valuable community of real estate wealth builders. Click HERE for the full agenda and to RSVP!

September 25th
Nky Chapter Meeting
Cash + Cash Flow in Lease/Option Houses with Jerry Hines

Lots of investors believe that lease/options provide the idea mix of upfront and back end cash, monthly cash flow, tax breaks, and control. Come learn the basics with a Kentucky investor who’s done over 50 of them; register and get the agenda HERE

November 1 - 4
The 2018 National Real Estate Summit

Great Wolf Lodge, Cincinnati Ohio

America’s Longest-Running, Most Respected, and Largest Conference for Real Estate Investors and Landlords is back to help YOU build your knowledge, skills, and network!

Our 2018 Summit is all about the things you said you wanted most:

  • More ways to find deals in the inventory-tight market
  • More ways to make money with small residential income properties
  • More ways to get funding for your deals
  • More connections with fellow investors, experts, and service providers from all over the U.S.!

You Must Be Present to Win…

Winning at the real estate game isn’t about luck or even talent–it’s about being mentally and physically present when opportunities present themselves.

Get all the details and pre-register HERE!

Welcome to the Tri-State's Non-Profit Real Estate Investing Community! 

     For 45 years, REIA of Greater Cincinnati has been training, connecting, and supporting real estate investors throughout the region through a non-profit community of new and experienced investors.

     Our members buy, sell, rehab, hold, and manage properties in the Greater Cincinnati area with the goal of achieving financial independence for themselves, and a better housing market for the neighborhoods in which we live.

    REIACG members meet to learn the best strategies for making money in today's real estate market, share resources, and network with like-minded people from all over the region. Our semi-monthly meetings feature the best local, regional, and national experts, and our many special-focus subgroup meetings cater to your favorite strategy or area of town.

    Join, and you get tons of benefits for real estate entrepreneurs from cash back and discounts from your favorite vendors and service providers to legislative action and connections with other investors throughout Ohio through our membership in the Ohio Real Estate Investor's Association (OREIA). 

  Check us out by attending your first meeting FREE -- download a guest pass for any main meeting (1st & 3rd Thursday of each month) -- just click on any "General Membership Meeting" on the calendar on the right.

       When you meet our amazing group of members, we know you'll want to become part of our community, too!

Sept 8th
Learn How to Buy Cash Flow Properties Using Other People's Money

John Burley has bought 2,000 single family homes over the past 35+ years, all using other people's money. On Saturday September 8th, from 9am to 5pm, you'll learn just how he did it.

It’s $97 for members ($127 for non-members), and it gets you a whole day with one of the most successful single family home investors in the country.

Not only does John Burley have a system for finding partners and lenders that you’ll want to emulate (especially because he gets 10k up front for just putting the deal together, then keeps part of the deal afterward), but he’s also a clear, no B.S., inspiring instructor.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?! Get more information and RSVP HERE!

Wondering How the Pros Raise Money? Find out Sept. 6th...

Being the biggest and most active community of real estate entrepreneurs in the Greater Cincinnati area has its advantages: we can attract some of the most experienced, knowledgeable experts in the real estate business, even from across the country.

This month, John Burley, international best-selling author and do-er of over 2,000 single family home deals will share how he’s raised millions from private investors, used that money to buy cash-flowing properties, and created a fortune without using his own money.

Plus, you’ll learn about the latest in fair housing law (and get those important OPHP credits) at our early meeting. RSVP, get the schedule, and download your free first time guest pass HERE.

August 28:

How to Protect Your Kentucky Assets (without Over-Complicating Your Life) with Ben Bauer

     Kentucky has its own set of rules and laws about asset protection; are you SURE you know what they are?

     Come get educated—or re-educated—this Tuesday at our group just for Northern Kentucky Investors…Click HERE to RSVP!

August 16th:

A Meeting to Teach You How to KEEP All That Wealth You’re Building…

            Worried about asset protection? You should be. We know more than one investor who’s lost a bunch of money to a nuisance lawsuit, and more than one whose FAMILY has lost it all because of their death or disability.

            Our August 16th meeting is all about how to make sure you’ve got plans in place to protect your assets, to protect your family, and to buy right in the first place. This isn’t just super-important; it’s something to take care of NOW, before you’ve built an unprotected fortune, and before there’s a problem and it’s too late.

            Join us at the region’s largest and fastest-growing community of real estate investors, flippers, landlords, and wannabes; we’d love you to be part of it. Click HERE for the full agenda and to RSVP!

August 11 & 12 

Interested in Buying, Selling, Creating Notes and Mortgages?
This (Cheap, Comprehensive) Workshop is Your Best Next Step…

  If you’re in the real estate business, you’re already in the “paper” business—you’re just on the PAYING side instead of the RECEIVING side of the financing.

    Our 2-day Note Summit introduces you to the alternate universe of folks who GET mortgage payments, passively, month in and month out, and shows you how to take up residence there. Through examples, presentations by national experts and service providers, and more, you’ll get the background AND connections you need to start, or grow, your own note-buying business!

   Plus, it’s super-cheap; get all the details and grab your seat HERE!

August 2nd

Looking for a Path to a Million Bucks in Real Estate?
Don't Miss this Meeting!

     What's the most direct path to becoming a real estate millionaire, starting from scratch?

e posed this question to 3 of the Tri-State’s most successful investors: “If you had to start from scratch in this market, with no cash or resources other than what you know, could you be a millionaire again in 5 years?”

     The answer across the board was, “Of course!”, so now we’re putting them on a panel to tell you, step by step, exactly how they’d do it, and what they WOULDN'T do. They share their best strategies at this open-to-the-public meeting; learn more and get a free first-time guest pass HERE

July 24th 
Northern Ky. Chapter Meeting:
Mobiles, Manufactured Homes, More with Brad Simmons

Ever wondered whether there’s money in mobile homes? The answer is yes—if you buy them right and understand the exit strategies.

That’s the topic of this month’s Northern Kentucky Chapter meeting; click here for all the details and to RSVP. 

July 19th

Buying and Selling in Crazy-Creative, Profitable Ways,
PLUS How to Buy and Sell Big Packages of Rentals & Build Your Team

How can foreclosing ON YOURSELF make tens of thousands of dollar?
How can drawing a seller a picture assure that your offer gets accepted?
How can you sell all of your rentals right now, while the market is hot, in one big package?
Who are the most important people you can know in the real estate business?

All these questions (and so many more) will be answered at July 19th’s meeting.

Get the details and RSVP to this meeting here.

July 5th: Networking Night!!

It’s Definitely WHO You Know,
And You’ll Definitely Get to Know More People at 
REIAGC’s Annual Network/Net Worth Picnic!

A big part of your FINANCIAL independence is about WHO you know—who you know who can loan you money, borrow your money, partner with you, buy deals from you, sell deals to you, fix your properties, help you understand the market…and that’s what this week’s REIA Picnic is all about!

Please please please pre-register HERE or by calling (513) 407-3137. Don’t forget we’ve moved to our bigger, better location at 5800 Mulhauser Rd, in West Chester Nr. IKEA!!

Saturday, June 30th

Not Your Mama’s Wholesaling Seminar

By now, you KNOW how to wholesale.

What you don’t know is how to turn that knowledge into a BUSINESS that can produce deal after deal, $10,000 a month or more…

And that’s exactly what you’ll learn on June 30th in Columbus!

Think about every stress you have in your life right now, and ask yourself 
this question:

"Would an extra $10,000 this month 
go a LOOOOONG way toward making life easier?"

Register By June 28, and Get 
These Bonuses…

Bonus #1: “The 7 Best Ways to Find Wholesale Deals” CD, a $19.95 value
Finding deals is the first important skill every wholesaler needs, and this CD explains how I do it. An invaluable boost to your ability to make money wholesaling.

Bonus #2: Your Own “Wholesaling is Not a Crime” T-shirt

Tell the ‘Wholesaling is illegal’ crowd what you think of their scare tactics and refusal to stand up for your rights with your loud, proud outerwear.





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