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Welcome to the Tri-State's Non-Profit Real Estate Investing Community! 

     For 45 years, REIA of Greater Cincinnati has been training, connecting, and supporting real estate investors throughout the region through a non-profit community of new and experienced investors.

     Our members buy, sell, rehab, hold, and manage properties in the Greater Cincinnati area with the goal of achieving financial independence for themselves, and a better housing market for the neighborhoods in which we live.

    REIACG members meet to learn the best strategies for making money in today's real estate market, share resources, and network with like-minded people from all over the region. Our semi-monthly meetings feature the best local, regional, and national experts, and our many special-focus subgroup meetings cater to your favorite strategy or area of town.

    Join, and you get tons of benefits for real estate entrepreneurs from cash back and discounts from your favorite vendors and service providers to legislative action and connections with other investors throughout Ohio through our membership in the Ohio Real Estate Investor's Association (OREIA). 

  Check us out by attending your first meeting FREE -- download a guest pass for any main meeting (1st & 3rd Thursday of each month) -- just click on any "General Membership Meeting" on the calendar on the right.

       When you meet our amazing group of members, we know you'll want to become part of our community, too!

December 6th
Food, Fun, & Fighting,
and You’re Invited!
It’s time for our biggest, most networking-est meeting of the year: the REIAGC Real Estate Entrepreneur Holiday Party!

We’ll have food (a full-on Holiday Buffet!), fun (hanging out with the most excited, active group of real estate entrepreneurs in Cincinnati!), and fighting (over who has the best—and worst—deal of the year), and, member or not, we’d love to see you there! More deets and an RSVP here…November 27th

Northern Kentucky Chapter Meeting
How to Buy Foreclosures, from Default to Bank-Owned, with Jared Miller
There are lots of opportunities--and challenges--in every stage of the foreclosure process. Learn more, and network with others who invest (or want to invest) in Northern Ky. real estate by RSVPing HERE. Space is super-limited in this venue, so please let us know you're coming!

November 15th
Show me the Money! Investor-Friendly Lenders speak about programs for real estate investors, landlords, rehabbers, and wholesalers…

Stop letting a lack of money keep you from doing deals!

Like it or not, buying and rehabbing real estate takes money. The thing is, it doesn’t need to be your money. We’re bringing together a panel of investor-friendly lenders to talk about current rules and requirements, available programs, and what it takes to make a successful loan application. There’s a wealth of information here, so be sure to get to this meeting!

Plus early workshops on How to Make Offers that Get Accepted and Investment Grade Insurance....RSVP and/or download your Guest Pass HERE

How to Build a Business that Exceeds Your Wildest Expectations and Serves Your Life
with Ron Phillips

What we all REALLY want is a real estate business that produces tons of wealth and income, but also leaves us the freedom to pursue our passions.

Ron Phillips has built exactly that business--he earns 7 figures a year, controls tens of millions in assets, and also works about 3 hours a day.

He'll share how he built that business, and how you can creates one, too.

This is the opening keynote presentation to the 2018 National Real Estate Investing Summit, but you don't have to be registered for that event to attend (though if you're serious about your real estate business, you'll do that at

To attend JUST Thursday evening, as a REIA member or guest, RSVP HERE.

November 1 - 4
The 2018 National Real Estate Summit

Great Wolf Lodge, Cincinnati Ohio

America’s Longest-Running, Most Respected, and Largest Conference for Real Estate Investors and Landlords is back to help YOU build your knowledge, skills, and network!

Our 2018 Summit is all about the things you said you wanted most:

  • More ways to find deals in the inventory-tight market
  • More ways to make money with small residential income properties
  • More ways to get funding for your deals
  • More connections with fellow investors, experts, and service providers from all over the U.S.!

You Must Be Present to Win…

Winning at the real estate game isn’t about luck or even talent–it’s about being mentally and physically present when opportunities present themselves.

Get all the details and pre-register HERE!

October 4th
A night of showing you how to get more deals than you are right now...
Rachel Schneider and Jason Roberts have done over 400 deals, but work less than 20 hours a week in their real estate business. On October 4th they'll share their best little-known techniques for deal finding (mailing, calling, social media contacts) along with all the ways that you can systematize them so that you’re not a slave to your own business. They’ll also discuss scripts and follow-up techniques that bring you deals your competitors just can’t match. Plus a Direct Mail Review Workshop for all at the early meeting. RSVP and get your FREE Guest Pass HERE.

October 1st or 5th

Are We Headed for a Downturn?
Vena Thinks So, And She’ll Tell You
How to Use it to Get Rich on
October 1st or 5th!

              Here at REIA, it’s our job to make sure you get the info you need to prosper in up markets AND down…and we think a down market is coming.

              That’s why we’ve invited Vena Jones-Cox, uber-investor and past president of National REIA, to give a 3 hour workshop called “The Upsides of a Down Market” on October 1st.

              She’ll share:

  • The signs and stats that say we’re due for a BIG slowdown in the market... and what to do NOW to prepare for the opportunities that will be unleashed
  • How long it might last, based on a 100 year history of such slowdowns
  • How to get the money to buy the great deals you’ll see: history tells us that banks and even hard money lenders will pull back from ‘easy’ credit in a real estate slump
  • How to reach what should be your #1 goal: getting the maximum number of great deals while they last
  • The best & easiest ways to buy, sell, rent, and finance deals in the current environment
  • How to avoid the biggest mistake investors make in these situations: trying to do the same strategies, in the same ways, that they did in the hot market

We think this is so important that we’re paying your way into it; all you have to do is pre-register at

The times and location are there, too. We hope you’ll take advantage of this important opportunity to learn how to thrive in the coming down market!

September 25th

Nky Chapter Meeting
Cash + Cash Flow in Lease/Option Houses with Jerry Hines

Lots of investors believe that lease/options provide the idea mix of upfront and back end cash, monthly cash flow, tax breaks, and control. Come learn the basics with a Kentucky investor who’s done over 50 of them; register and get the agenda HERE





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