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Creative Deal School

with... Bill Cook and Vena Jones-Cox

An 8-Session Series of FREE Online Workshops to Hone Your Creative Deal Structuring Skills

December 1 thru January 26, 2022 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Virtual ONLINE Event

Creative Deal School
Wednesday Nights 7-8:30
December 1st2021 – January 26th, 2022

            If you’re a fan of creative finance deals (and if you’re not, what’s wrong with you?? They’re awesome!!) and you’re always looking for ways to hone your understanding and abilities, you’ll love this free series of online workshops with mega-creative investors Vena Jones-Cox and Bill Cook.

            It’s 8 sessions (no workshop on the Wednesday between Christmas and New Year’s Day) that each dig into one important benefit, skill, or aspect of making creative deals.

            And did we mention it’s free?

            This link registers you for the entire series; if you miss a week, it’s OK because we’ll send all registered attendees a link to the recording to add to your personal deal structuring library.

            But you should attend “live” if you can, both because that’s your chance to ask all your questions and because each week we’ll draw from the list of people who are actually THERE and give away a prize…

            No matter what, you should register, because you’ll get more of both the big picture of how creative deals work AND detailed instructions about the best ways to find, negotiate, evaluate, and close lots of kinds of creative deals.

Here’s the Week by Week Agenda:

Wednesday, December 1st: How to do 10 deals this year with no banks No theory here—it’s an actual walkthrough of how Vena added 10 properties and notes to her portfolio (including a cool new personal residence) using subject to, lease/options, owner financing, private loans, and wrap mortgages in 12 months. Guaranteed to make you see that you’re walking away from deals that you could make a ton of money on, and to inspire you to go back to those old leads and try again with your new knowledge.

Door prize drawing from names of attendees on actually ON zoom: Vena’s complete “How to Do Subject To” course. Must be present to win.

Wednesday, December 8th: The Missing Piece in Your Seller-Finance Negotiations—How and Why to Use a T-Bar When You Talk to Sellers. You don’t need to “convince” sellers to do creative deals, or “talk them into” it: you need to understand what their pain points are, and then graphically show them how they’ll be better off taking your offer. That’s called a T-bar, and we’ll show you how to use it and WHY you should use it, every time.

Door prize drawing from names of attendees on actually ON zoom: Vena’s full “How to Negotiate with Sellers Successfully” online course. Must be present to win.

Wednesday, December 15th: How to pick the right seller finance strategy for any property One of the struggles in constructing creative deals is knowing WHICH tool—subject to, seller-carryback mortgage, lease/option, private loan, partnership, option—to pull out for a particular situation. In this session, we’ll not only show you how to narrow down your many choices to the right one, but also give every live attendee a flow chart that makes it easy.

Door prize drawing from names of attendees on actually ON zoom: Bill’s How to Knock on Homeowner’s Doors and Make Written Offers. Must be present to win.

Wednesday, December 22nd: It's a creative deal, but is it a GOOD deal? Not necessarily: even no money down, no qualifying deals can be alligators that will eat you alive if you buy them. We’ll walk through the full evaluation of the NUMBERS of a property, so that you can do this right before you make a mistake, and give all attendees a worksheet that reminds you what numbers you need to make the right deals.

Door prize drawing from names of attendees on actually ON zoom: Bill’s Financial Calculator course. Must be present to win.

(Note—there will be no class on Wednesday December 29th)

Wednesday, January 5th: 5 ways to structure deals with private lenders and partners. Not every seller can, or will, finance deals for you; that’s when you bring in people with money. If you’re doing that CREATIVELY, you’re not paying hard money rates, or splitting deals 50/50, but you’re still leaving your ‘money person’ happy, satisfied, and wanting to do business again. We’ll also discuss how to FIND private lenders and partners.

Door prize drawing from names of attendees on actually ON zoom: Vena’s “How to Be a Successful Private Lender” course. Must be present to win.

Wednesday, January 12: How to make a small IRA, 401K, Health Savings Account, or CESA into a big one with creative finance deals. The only thing better than doing creative deals is doing creative, TAX FREE deals. The problem is, most of us don’t have enough cash in those plans to buy whole houses…which makes creative financing the perfect way to take a little bit of money and turn it into a lot.

Door prize drawing from names of attendees on actually ON zoom: Vena’s “How to Get High Returns on Ugly Houses with Repair for Equity Deals” course. Must be present to win.

Wednesday, January 19th: What to do before you get the deed. Sloppy due diligence, paperwork, and disclosures are the #1 thing that make creative deals go bad, sometimes YEARS after the fact. So let’s go through the checklist of what you need to do after you’ve gotten the contract, but before you close, so that your new investment stays a good one years or decades later.

Door prize drawing from names of attendees on actually ON zoom: a day of in-person door-knocking with Bill Cook in Cartersville Ga. $1000 value. Must be present to win.

Wednesday, January 26th: Bill and Vena fight over the best way to talk to sellers about creative deals. By now you will have realized that Bill and Vena have very different approaches to doing deals, and that this difference in styles is what gives you the chance to see what fits best for you.  “Negotiation” of creative deals with sellers is no exception: Bill’s a face-to-face guy, where Vena likes nailing down the deal on the phone. Bill likes to chat for hours, where Vena thinks that sellers don’t want to be asked about their deceased pets. In this session, they’ll lay out their processes and make their arguments for why their way is the right way, so that you can make your own decision that Vena is right.

Door prize drawn from ALL REGISTRANTS (you don’t need to be present to win;: a free pass for 2 to the Ultimate Creative Deal Structuring Workshop, February 4th-6th in Tampa, AND 2 free nights at the event hotel.

Free Event

Date:  December 1 thru January 26, 2022
Time:  7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Virtual ONLINE Event

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