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Chapter Meeting ONLINE: How to Work with Your Family (and stay friends) + How to Ask for and Get the Help You Need

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Lots of people want “work with” their significant others, parents, or kids, but tangling up the personal and the business can be tricky. We’ll hear from a panel of members who do it successfully, and learn the secrets to how they manage it.

Thursday, September 21, 2023 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM


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How to Work with Your Family (and stay friends) +
How to Ask for and Get the Help You Need

     People ask us all the time, “How is it that REIAGC has such a big NATIONWIDE following?”

     The answer is easy: our incredible range of online meetings and trainings (nearly a month!), and the fact that we’re focused on helping you solve REAL problems, not on hype and flavor-of-the-month strategies.

     At this month’s online Nationwide Chapter meeting, we’re focusing on 2 things that affect lots of us, but that you can’t just ‘buy a course’ about: how to work effectively alongside family members (without destroying your relationship!) and how to get help and advice with deals, concepts, and so on when you need it.

     Members and guests at all levels of knowledge and experience are welcome! (first-time guests can download a free guest pass below)

Here’s the whole schedule:

5:30-6:00 p.m. eastern
Networking & Q&A

     Meet your fellow travelers on the path to financial independence, and get feedback on deals you’re working on, concepts you don’t understand, referrals you need, and more!

6:00-7:00 p.m. eastern
How to Ask for and Get Help
When You Need Help

     There’s not one of us, no matter how new or advanced, that doesn’t need help figuring out deals, or understanding concepts, or finding the right contractor or service provider.

     The question is, how do you “get” the people who know these things to help you when you don’t know them, or they’re busy, or you don’t even know who to ask?

     That’s what we’ll talk about here—how to ATTRACT people who WANT TO help you, and how to make it a win-win for them.


7:30-9:00 p.m. eastern
How to Work with Family
and Still Stay Friends

     One of the basic ‘rules’ of real estate investing is, “Don’t do business with friends or family”.

     But one of the basic tenets of human nature is that we WANT to help those exact people become successful, and we want to be around them, and we want to share our daily challenges and wins alongside them.

     So yeah, we break the rule, all the time.

     Sometimes, this ends in bad feelings or bad business results or even estrangement or divorce…

     …but when it’s handled carefully and mindfully, it can become a successful, profitable, happy arrangement.

     You’ll hear from a panel of members who’ve cracked the code on working with family and staying friends, as they explain:

  • How do they handle separating the “work relationship” from the “personal relationship”
  • How they deal with business-related conflicts
  • How they divide responsibilities, and keep from stepping on each other’s toes
  • What challenges they’ve faced BECAUSE they work with family
  • When you should never even consider bringing a family member into your business

     If you’ve ever even CONSIDERED partnering with or hiring a family member, or you already have, and need insight into managing the work/life balance, be here to hear the real-life experiences of your fellow members!

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Date:  Thursday, September 21, 2023
Time:  5:30 PM - 9:00 PM

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