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All-Day Online Workshop: The Basics of Note Buying

with... Tanya Brown and Marco Bario

If you love the idea of high returns in real estate, but hate the idea of rehab and management, buying and selling notes and mortgages might be the perfect strategy for you.

Saturday, February 25, 2023 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


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Saturday, February 25th, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Eastern ONLINE
The Basics of Buying and Selling Note and Mortgages with Tanya Brown and Marco Bario

            Buying, selling, flipping, and investing in notes and mortgages is something that ALL elite investors seem to end up doing…            

            …but you don’t have to be advanced, or rich, or even experienced in real estate investing to make money in this profitable niche.

            All you need is to understand how the note-buying business WORKS, and that’s exactly what you’ll learn from these two real-life note investors in this awesome, inexpensive all-day training.

            Tanya Brown and Marco Barrio should know: Tanya started her real estate life in flips and rental management in the Baltimore area, then discovered that note buying didn’t require dealing with maintenance and rehab, and has since built a $1.2 million personal portfolio of note investments and flipped millions of dollars in defaulted notes in just her first 2 years in the business.

            Marco also runs his note business alongside his rental business, and carved out a niche in the ‘mom and pop’ seller-financed note business. He’s California-based, but and wholesales  notes all over the United States.

            Attend (or just register and get the recordings later), and they’ll show you:

  • What you’re actually buying when you’re buying a “note and mortgage”
  • The pros and cons of buying ‘institutional’ mortgages vs. ‘seller-held’ mortgages
  • Why defaulted notes—those are the ones where the borrower isn’t paying—can be the best investments, and maybe even a way to acquire properties
  • What a ‘tape’ is, and how get them, and how to scrub them to find deals (this one thing will get you access to institutional mortgages for sale all day long)
  • How to do your due diligence on a note (it’s very different than due diligence on a PROPERTY) to find out if it’s a good deal to keep or flip
  • How to ‘run the numbers’, determine the right offer, and MAKE that offer on a note
  • What you can do with it once you’ve got an offer—keep it for high returns, sell part of it to get cash, get the property, or just flip the note for quick cash to another investor
  • How to market to sellers who’ve carried back notes or land contracts, and who now want to turn them into cash—and what motivates these sellers to sell at bargain prices
  • How to talk to “mom and pop” sellers once your phone starts ringing
  • How note closings work and what you need to make sure you have in place before the closing
  • How to buy notes and mortgages when you don’t have the money to buy notes and mortgages
  • Why 2023 is already shaping up to be a great year for note buyers (there really are reasons that there will be more available this year than we’ve seen in a while)

Plus, when you register by February 23rd, you get these bonuses (worth MORE than your entire investment in the class!)

  1. The excel spreadsheet that Tanya uses to do a quick evaluation of her note investments—you enter the data, it tells you what the return is for 8 different exit strategies
  2. Tanya’s secret resource sheet, with the note buyer-friendly servicers, insurers, title companies, online groups, and yes, even providers of notes you need to start your team NOW
  3. Marco’s note buying worksheet that will let you collect the information you need from sellers who carried back a note
  4. Marco’s bid worksheet that helps you decide what to offer for a seller-held note
  5. Marco’s note offer letter so that you know how to put your offers on paper
  6. Oh, and the early bird discount, too--$20 off for members, $30 off for non-members

Can’t attend live on Zoom that day?
No problem—all registrants get a downloadable copy of the class
and the bonuses for your real estate library.

            Members pay just $47; non-members pay $97 through February 23rd; after that it’s $67 for members and $127 for nonmembers*, and of course FREE for Express Success Members

            *(Non-members, you can join HERE for $25 a month, save $50 on this workshop an all of our future workshops, and take advantage of ALL of REIAGC’s amazing education, focus groups, and deal making opportunities each month…and you can quit anytime).

And yes, of course your satisfaction is guaranteed…

            Like all of REIAGC’s Saturday Workshops, you’ll agree that this one was worth 10x the cost, or your money back.

            Register below, and get the information you need to get started (or do MORE deals) in note buying in 2023!


Early Bird Special Pricing...

Up To 2/23/2023

Members: $47.00 -- Non-Members: $97.00

Regular Price

Members: $67.00 -- Non-Members: $127.00

Date:  Saturday, February 25, 2023
Time:  9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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