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National Online Chapter Meeting: How to Make Money Wholesaling in 2023

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An evening of hard-core education and advice devoted to wholesalers, and the buyers who love them.

Thursday, May 18, 2023 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM


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Thursday, May 18th Online:
Monthly National Chapter Meeting
A Night Devoted to Wholesalers (and the Buyers Who Love Them)

     Like every other strategy in real estate, market trends, technology, competition, and inventory has had a HUGE impact on what you need to do to make money in wholesaling in 2023.

     That’s why we’re devoting an entire evening to educating you about the ways that wholesalers are not just surviving, but thriving in the 2023 market and beyond!

     It’s open to all wholesalers at any level of knowledge or experience (and anyone who wants to make connections with wholesalers), anywhere in the world.

     Join when you can, leave when you must, but be there for your dose of hard-core, up-to-the-minute, actionable wholesaling advice!

5:30 p.m. Eastern Pre-Meeting
Open wholesaler/buyer speed networking

         Buyers and sellers share the deals they have and the deals they want; build your buyer’s list or your network of wholesalers here! Wholesalers and buyers from all over the U.S. will be there…

6:00 p.m. Eastern Early Bird Meeting
Wholesale Assignment Alternatives: Transactional Funding and Closing to List

With Darrin Carey, Dayton Capital Partners

      If you don’t already live in a place where wholesaling properties by assigning contracts is illegal, you will SOON.

     Anti-contract assignment legislation is already in place in many cities and states, and we expect that within 5 years, you’ll have to have a real estate license to assign contracts everywhere in the U.S.

     But that won’t stop the demand—motivated sellers will still need to sell fast and with minimal hassle, and investors will still want properties.

     So how do you make money meeting the demand WITHOUT getting a real estate license (which is a strategy full of its own issues)?

      You actually have several options, and the 2 easiest are transactional funding and short-term funding to close, list, and resell your deals,

     But those require people, and strategic planning, and really good deal analysis, and the right title company, and so we’re going to spend a whole hour digging in to how they work and the pros and cons of each. If you’re a wholesaler, or want to be, you literarily can’t afford to miss this meeting.

7:30 p.m. Eastern Main Meeting:
Adapt or Die:
Advice for Making Money in Wholesaling in the 2023 Market
 with Vena Jones-Cox

     The real estate market is weird right now: low inventory, higher interest rates, and cooling rents are all impacting retailers, rental owners, and home buyers.

     The threat of a recession continues to loom on the horizon, and inflation is still double the Fed’s target rates.

     What’s all that got to do with wholesaling?


     Wholesalers are the canary in the coalmine of the real estate investing world; everything that affects the housing market, the rental market, and the economy affects wholesalers FIRST.

     The good news is, wholesaling makes money in EVERY market.

     The bad news is, the strategies for doing it change when the market does—so if you’re a wholesaler, or hope to be one, you need to know the right techniques for finding deals and buyers in this one.

    With 25 years’ experience in up markets and down and two decades coaching wholesalers all over the U.S., Vena Jones-Cox can draw from her own experiences and those of wholesalers all over the county to share what’s working and what’s not right now, and as the 2023 market progresses.

     At this meeting, Vena will share:

  • How to overcome all the things you’re struggling with (lack of deals, lack of comps, more conservative buyers)
  • New legal issues with wholesaling, where they’re coming from, and how to deal with them
  • What to expect in the coming months, and how to be one of the few wholesalers able to adapt to whatever comes next
  • How to use the opportunities in the market to overcome the challenges and MAKE SOME MONEY

     This is a practical, advice-filled session about getting started in wholesaling, or building your business, NOW.

     Members and first-time guests are free; returning guests pay $35 to attend (which is silly, since $25 will get you an entire month of membership and access to our 14 member-only meetings, including our awesome Wholesale Focus Group and our Friday Morning Haves-and-Wants meetings, which are full of opportunities to find both deals and buyers…go here to join)

     Register to get your link for this info-packed meeting below!

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Date:  Thursday, May 18, 2023
Time:  5:30 PM - 9:00 PM

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