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Main Meeting: Make more deals by making creative offers + simple, effective asset protection

with... Vena Jones-Cox

Live at the Holiday Inn North (or via Zoom), Vena Jones-Cox shares how to get more deals in a hot market with creative offers and Scott Ellsworth explains what entities you REALLY need

Thursday, April 1, 2021 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Holiday Inn Centre Park
5800 Muhlhauser Rd. West Chester, OH 45069


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April 1st LIVE (for 100 of you) or SIMULCAST (for the rest)

            No foolin’: we’re holding our first LIVE meeting in over a year on April 1st.

            For the sake of the hotel (which can be FINED if we break the rules, and assures us we’ll be kicked out if we do) and the comfort of our members, volunteers, and staff, we’ll be wearing masks whenever we’re in the building and not eating or drinking, obeying social distancing guidelines, and doing all the other things mandated for meetings.

            Yes, even if we’ve been vaccinated.

            Yes, even if we think it’s all theater.

            But if you’ve been craving real life people, upper-face-to-6-foot-away-upper-face networking, the relationship-building that works best in real life, and, of course, the awesome-est local education around, this is the place to register, and here’s what’s happening at the LIVE meeting:

5:00-6:00 p.m. Eastern
Free Dinner and networking hour (In-person meeting)
Zoom networking (simulcast attendees)

6:00-7:00 early workshop
Easy, Effective Asset Protection for Real Estate Investors with Scott Ellsworth, CPA
WAAAAY too many investors get talked into complex, unnecessary asset protection schemes that cost a lot of money and don’t do much to protect you. CPA and long-time real estate investor Scott Ellsworth will explain the best entities for owning rentals, running a flipping business, and more, and discuss how having the right –simple!--business structure saves you taxes AND is an important part of your liability-reduction strategy.

Member deal review of the month
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7:30-9:00 main meeting
The Inside Secret of Making Creative Offers (and More, Better Deals) with Vena Jones-Cox

            You’re probably losing out on a LOT of potential deals because, like most real estate investors, you’re always thinking in terms of sellers wanting MONEY. 

            That’s just wrong: Sellers almost NEVER want money: they want something that the money can BUY them. It could be a new house, or a stream of passive income, or a paid-off debt, or a boat. And if you can get them what they want, the money doesn’t matter.

            Creative buying isn’t JUST about “Creative finance strategies” like subject to and seller-held loans; it’s about finding out what sellers REALLY want, and figuring out how to get that for them.           

            When you have this super-power, you have no competition, no matter how many other investors, buyers, or agents the seller has been talking to. So come to this meeting, and learn how to get it. 

            Register below and make sure you select whether you’ll be attending in-person or virtually!

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Date:  Thursday, April 1, 2021
Time:  5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Holiday Inn Centre Park
5800 Muhlhauser Rd.
West Chester, OH 45069

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Contract Law (1.00 hours)
Negotiation (1.50 hours)
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