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October 19th Main Meeting
How to Make Rentals Not Suck, Earn Quick Cash, Get Great Rental Forms
(Plus Board Elections)

At our October 17th meeting, a panel of successful REIA landlords share their best tips, tech, and systems that will help you own more wealth-building rentals with less stress.

At the 6 p.m. early meeting for new investors, you’ll find out all the ways that you can FLIP assets (ugly houses, pretty houses, and more) for quick cash or share your best rental documents at the active investors meeting.

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October 17th is also our board elections. 3 new board members will be elected from this fine group of candidates:

Derek Christian

I worked for P&G for 13 years, where my wife still works, before leaving to be an entrepreneur.   I built and sold two businesses that are still operating, K9 Country Club in Mason, and My Maid Service based in Lebanon.   I currently solely own Handyman Connection of Blue Ash, and I am partners in several other services businesses that offer everything from home cleaning to consulting services.   I have also previously served in several nonprofit boards including Habitat for Humanity and Main Street Ventures.  I became an active real estate entrepreneur in 2016 buying 4 properties, mostly as long-term rentals.

My real area of expertise has always been marketing and I think that is something unique I could bring to REIA as well as lots of experience building companies from the ground up. 

Kathy Maxwell

Hi! My name is Kathy Maxwell.  My husband and I have been landlords since 2003 and self-manage our rentals, and have done a couple of wholesale deals. I am one of the hosts of the Friday Morning Meet-up.  Although we have lived in northern Dearborn County, Indiana, for over 20 years, I was born and raised in the Western Hills/Green Township area of Hamilton County.  I attended St. Jude Elementary and Mother of Mercy High Schools.  I have 4 grown children and 3 beautiful grandchildren who live close so we get together often.  I enjoy reading, sewing, and crocheting, and doing DIY projects around my house and in our rentals.  My husband and I enjoy NHRA Drag Racing and stay in our travel trailer at the races.

Tom Terlau

My BSBA and MBA earned my way into IBM which was at the time the most respected company in the world.  I worked my way into the top 2% of salespeople 2 of my 11 years @ IBM.  I went on to work for other large, medium, and small technology companies.  It was then time for me to start my own business.  After 18 successful years I sold the business.  I’ve built both residential and commercial buildings and rehabbed many of both.  I’ve been a landlord since 1990 and am focused on wholesaling today.

I’ve been on the board for the past two years and have worked hard to improve REIAGC for our members.  My personal focus has been and will be sales—increasing membership and increasing revenue.  I believe this will have the greatest positive impact on our members.   I’ve worked hard to contribute and improve and will continue to do so going forward if I am elected


Felicia Bell

I am a native of the Republic of Panama but raised in Cincinnati.  During my formative years, I attended school in the Mt. Healthy School district; graduated from the Roger Bacon High School and the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor’s of Business degrees in Management and Marketing.  I am the very proud mother of Swede L. Moorman III.  Swede is currently a sophomore in the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University.

I spent 25 years as a corporate professional with Fortune 100 Companies in the areas of Human Resources, Organizational Development, Finance, and Purchases.  As a Senior Purchases Manager at P& G, I was responsible for managing strategic supply chains around the globe for chemicals, packaging materials, hardlines and contract manufacturing services.  I was also responsible for career coaching and development for my direct reports as well as for prospective hires.  In addition to my professional accomplishments, I have been an active member of the communities in which I belong.  As a UC Alumni, I have served on the Career Development & Placement Office Corporate Advisory Board for over 10 years including Chairperson of the Board.  I served as the President of The Seven Hills AA Parents Association, I have served as a Judge for the Ohio History Contest, President of my church usher board, a youth leader, women’s ministry member and currently working as an active member of the media/technology team. 

In December 2015, I transitioned out of corporate and began pursuing my career in Real Estate.  I have focused the past year and a half learning the various investing strategies, obtaining my real estate license, and putting my real estate education to work.  In May 2016, I became a licensed agent for Keller Williams Pinnacle Group, and in June 2016, I acquired my first property.  I have since rehabbed a total of four properties (with a fifth property under construction).  I have utilized several strategies in real estate investing including investing using a self-directed retirement plan, purchasing property subject to the existing mortgage, buy and hold, flipping, and I have leaned forward on the process of investing in mortgage notes. 

I am passionate about my pursuits and I am equally as passionate about sharing what I have learned with others.  I would like to serve on the REIA Board of Directors for several reasons: 1) to learn more about the inner workings of the Cincinnati REIA organization; 2) to help influence the long-term direction of the organization; 3) to serve the needs of the General Body membership in a leadership capacity; 4) I have been extremely pleased with REIA as a member, operating in a leadership capacity will help me better serve other members of the group.  Finally, the skills I have gained in the areas of process and procedure development, negotiating, developing metrics and holding people accountable, supplier relationship management, leveraging and other skills will all be valuable skill sets to the organization.  I look forward to serving REIA as a Board Member and representing the Real Estate Investors of Cincinnati both internally and externally to the organization.

October FREE Workshops
Free 3-Hour Workshop: The Real Estate Investing Market and How to Prosper
in 2017 and 2018

4 Times and Days Available

Sponsored by REIA of Greater Cincinnati

Open to the public
No expensive seminars or courses for sale!

         When you understand the real estate market—what’s happening with prices, rents, inventory, and financing—it’s a whole lot easier to start (or build)
a real estate renting or flipping business that makes money.

When you understand what’s likely to happen NEXT in the market, it’s a whole lot easier to make plans now that will make you millions as the market changes.

         So how about spending a few hours learning what’s really happening in the Tristate-area market today, so you evaluate the right strategies for you, without
all the hype?

This Free Workshop, Courtesy of REIA of Greater Cincinnati,
Shows You What’s Actually Working, What’s Not,
And What YOU Need to do to Prosper…

         No matter what those big seminar companies tell you, not every strategy works equally well in every market at every time.

         Those of us who make our living renting, wholesaling, lease/optioning, and retailing right here in the Tri-State area know that our market is not the
San Diego market, or the Phoenix market.

         And we’re giving you the opportunity to look at the LOCAL trends, numbers, and strategies—and to meet other who are creating fortunes investing
right here in OUR
market—at this workshop.

You Might Learn More in this 3 Hours
Than at Seminars You’ve Paid Thousands For.

     Your instructor is Vena Jones-Cox, past president of that National Real Estate Investors Association and 25-year veteran of the investing business.
She’s done over 1,000 deals, and really keeps her fingers on the pulse of the business.

       Get to this workshop, where we guarantee that she’ll share:

  • When we’re likely to see that next real estate bubble, and what do to prepare yourself to make millions when it happens
  • When the massive decline in deal inventory, increase in competition, and continued lack of easy financing might ease up, and what to do when it does,
  • and what to do in the meantime so that you can making money NOW and keep making it, come what may
  • What the “hot” market means to you as a wholesaler, retailer, note buyer, or landlord in terms of how you should be focusing your time and energy
  • The best, most implementable ways for YOU to buy, sell, rent, and finance deals for maximum profit in the next 12 months
  • Which strategies you need to learn and focus on NOW, so that you don’t waste your time or spin your wheels with outdated information
So to Summarize:
1) You’ll find out what’s going on in the market today—and what’s probably next
2) You’ll learn which strategies actually WORK, and are easy, and make money
3) You’ll meet lots of valuable contacts and colleague
4) It’s free
5) You won’t be sold a $50,000 education package
6) You should come.

You Do Need to Save Your Seat,
‘Cause We Only Have a Few at Each

You can do that at or by calling (888) 551-9389. You’ll see your choices when you go there.

We hope you’ll take us up on this unique chance to step back and take a look at what you really SHOULD be doing in the real estate market, without all the hype and hardcore sales.

Looking forward to seeing you on at one of these free workshops!

October 5th: REIA Main Meeting with Mike Jacka
7:30-9:00 Main meeting
Estimate Repair Costs Fast and Right with Mike Jacka
You can’t make smart offers until you can make smart repair cost estimates. And when you know how to do it FAST AND ACCURATELY, you’ll save valuable time, make more offers, and get more deals—not to mention the costly mistakes you’ll avoid!

Mike Jacka is a long-time retailer and experienced wholesaler who’s developed a system for repair estimation for his own business that’s so easy that even his non-rehabber assistants can use it, and he’ll share it with us at this meeting.

He’ll cover all the basics, including:
  • Which components of a property are “major” (expensive and potentially difficult to fix), which are “minor” (still in the budget but not likely to kill the budget)
  • How to determine the cost of repairs within each category, and for individual items
  • How to develop the skill of getting this done in the time it usually takes to drink your morning coffee

6:00-7:00 Early meeting 
How to E-myth Your Real Estate Business with Brady Melton
Let’s face it: most real estate entrepreneurs have really highly paid jobs, NOT businesses. As long as you have to be the one to do every task and make every decision, you severely limit your free time, your potential income, and your life-work balance.

So how do you change? You start thinking like a business owner (with systems, checklists, and people to help you run them) instead of a hands-on (wholesaler, retailer, landlord, whatever). Investor and past REIAGC board member Brady Melton will share his ongoing journey toward the goal of having a real business at this 6 p.m. meeting.
And There's Even More:
5:30      Free light dinner
6:00     How to E-myth Your Real Estate Business with Brady Melton
7:00      Buy/Sell/Trade, Market Update, guest orientation
7:30      How to buy HUD properties
9:00      Meeting after the Meeting, Tokyo Restaurant bar 


October 14th and 15th: Junkers to Jewels 2-Day
Estimation, Evaluation, and Offer-Making Extravaganza!
with Jerry Fink and Mike Jacka

There's a LOT of Profit in Them Thar’ Junkers...
And there's literally no easier, more effective way to learn how than to look at real junker properties with real rehabbers, then spend time with those experts finding out how to evaluate them, negotiate them, and what to do with them to make money.

 In the most ambitiously-complete training on junker properties we’ve offered, we’re bringing you TWO experienced investors for TWO days to nail down your ability to make money in ugly properties. You’ll:

  • Tour real houses and learn to really evaluate the condition and costs of repair
  • How to use your estimates to negotiate with sellers and bring them around to your way of thinking
  • How to determine exit strategies and use THAT information to construct multiple offers and just let the seller determine which one he likes

   Think about what just ONE new idea will earn you on your next rehab, turnover, or even wholesale deal—and then ask yourself when you’ve EVER gotten the chance to get his hands-on with this many experts for this little money.

   And when you've come up with the answers "Lots, and Never", REGISTER, because this is a unique chance to get the inside scoop on all the challenges and opportunities in junkers today

Due to the limitations on the size of the bus (and, let's face it, how many people we can effectively lead through a property), this event is STRICTLY LIMITED to just 50.

Mike Jacka

Jerry Fink

September 23rd: All Day Saturday Workshop
Creative Buyers Get More Deals 

Real Estate investing is supposed to get you extra cash, extra time, and free you from the financial pressures of everyday life, right?

In a hot market like today’s, though, it can feel like there’s too much competition, not enough deals, and that it’s just all...too...hard.

You can give up, or you can get out of the run-of-the-mill thinking and strategies that are keeping other people stuck in neutral. You know, learn to do something that works, that makes money in a market like this and that everyone else isn’t already trying to do.     

Chris McClatchey’s all-day workshop outlines his proven system for:

  • How you can find deals that sellers will sell with no money down
  • How you can put thousands of dollars in your pocket at closing
  • How to use seller financing to get FREE & CLEAR in a few years, NOT a few decades
  • What to say to sellers when you’re asking them to carry financing for you
  • Which skills you’ll need to develop to influence sellers to sell their property to you at 0% interest.
  • How you can double and triple the number of deals you’re doing now (without doubling or tripling the work)

This workshop is for both new AND active investors who want to find more deals, get more cash flow, and hone their creative buying skills.

September 21st: REIA Main Meeting with Sham Reddy, CRS
7:30-9:00 Main meeting
How to Buy HUD Houses (and other foreclosures)
The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is the largest insurer of sub-prime loans in the country, which is why the number of HUD foreclosures is expected to skyrocket soon. But HUD has a completely different process for seeing, bidding on, and buying properties than the typical bank. Sham Reddy, past president of Ohio REIA and a real estate agent with tons of HUD experience, will share the pros, cons, and opportunities in the HUD foreclosure market as well as the future of other foreclosures.

6:00-7:00 Early meetings
How to Make Offers that Will Get Accepted
with Vena Jones-Cox
Making offers right is one of the most crucial—and overlooked!—skills that a serious real estate investor can learn. From what to say to how to say it to what to do when the seller says “No,” you need to know how to handle the offer process to have the best chance of getting your offers accepted. Learn this and more at this month’s new investor meeting.

Truly Passive Real Estate Investing
with Scott Ellsworth, CPA
We call ourselves real estate INVESTORS, but the truth is that wholesalers, retailers, and hands-on landlords are all trading hours for dollars, not being passive investors. In this session, we'll discuss options available to people who want to be TRULY passive and make their money work for them instead of their time.

And There's Even More:
5:30      Free light dinner
6:00      New and active investor focus    groups
7:00      Buy/Sell/Trade, Market Update, guest orientation
7:30      How to buy HUD properties
9:00      Meeting after the Meeting, Tokyo Restaurant bar 
Try us out with a FREE GUEST PASS

September 7th: REIAGC Main Meeting
The All-Money Meeting!
Every real estate entrepreneur needs to know multiple ways to get the financing to close those deals, whether they're rentals, flips, or something else.

At our September 7th meeting, you'll learn more about getting SELLER FINANCING, NON-TRADITIONAL FINANCING, and more, plus hang out with the greatest group of new and experienced real estate investors and flippers in the whole world!

7:30-9:00 Main meeting
Zero Down, Zero Interest, Zero Qualifying Seller Financing

NOTHING beats owner financing for flexible terms, easy qualifying, and the ability to create a win-win deal that your cash-paying competitors can’t touch. Plus, at no interest, your investments pay off in years instead of decades. In short, there’s nothing BAD about being able to negotiate owner financing.

Chris McClatchey has really perfected the strategy, which is why we’ve invited him back to his home state to share his experiences. He’s amazing at negotiating with sellers to put together profitable deals that work better for him AND work better than a lowball cash offer for his seller.

You’ll leave this meeting with real, implementable strategies for getting the owner financing you want.

with Chris McClatchey

6:00-7:00 Early meeting
Show Me the Money Panel with REIAGC's Creative Lenders

As long as we’re talking about financing properties, we should probably talk about how you can get money for rehabs, repairs, wholesale deals, and even rental properties when the seller can’t or won’t finance the deal for you. Our panel of lenders offers a wide variety of qualifying and no-qualifying financing for investors including hard money loans, repair loans, transactional funding for wholesalers, and even longer-term financing for landlords.

And There's Even More:
5:30      Free light dinner
6:00      Show me the Money workshop
7:00      Buy/Sell/Trade, Deal of Month, guest welcome
7:30      How to Retire Rich, Thin and Sexy
9:00      Meeting after the Meeting, Tokyo Restaurant bar 
Try us out with a FREE GUEST PASS

August 19th: Summer Celebration at Lake Isabella State Park in Loveland
OPHP Makeup Day + Picnic
Join us for a day of networking, games, free food, and classes for hard-to-get OPHP hours!

Ohio Professional Housing Provider (OPHP) designees are REIA members who've achieved a high level of broad-based education. The program requires 78 hours of classes on specific topics, some of which are a little hard to come by. At this event, you can just hang out, OR you can attend classes in Real Estate Ethics, Insurance, Federal Regulations, and Fair Housing to complete those requirements, and be on your way to your own OPHP designation!

  • Ethics  11 AM presented by Vena Jones-Cox
  • Fair Housing   12 PM presented by Scott Ellsworth
  • Insurance   1 PM presented by Shawn Woedel
  • Regulations  2 PM presented by Cynthia McCarthy

 Or just come or the free food :)

*Just let them know that you are with the REIAGC

August 17: How to Get Practically Free Houses
PLUS Hack Your Way to Better Credit and an Intro to Buying without Banks

Come to our August 17th meeting and learn something your competitors just don't know about as Attorney Joe Lucas discusses how to find and get all those “zombie houses” that the owners don't want and the bank won't foreclose on. At our early meeting for active investors, find out how to build (or re-build) a solid personal credit foundation so you can get those great bank loans, OR check out our early meeting for new investors, where you'll find out how to buy all the properties you want WITHOUT banks.

This meeting is absolutely free to members and first-time guests, but please RSVP by clicking "learn more" to let us know you're coming!

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