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Property Tour and Deal Analyzing Workshop

with... Mike Jacka

A bus tour going to 4 real investment properties at various stages of the rehab process, plus get valuable rehab tips & advice from your tour leaders, Mike Jacka and Jerry Fink. This “up close and personal” education is priceless!

October 14 thru October 15, 2017


Even if you never plan to rehab a house, you still need to understand how the process works.

And what better way to learn than the view real rehab projects in progress, hear all about the planning and execution of each from the investor himself, and see the results at each stage?

 Get on the bus and join real-life rehabbers on this once-in-a-lifetime property tour as they show off their renovations in progress. You’ll discover:

  •  The full story on each property: how it was found, negotiated, evaluated, and financed
  •  Why the investor/owners chose to do certain upgrades, use certain materials, and hire certain contractors
  •  How the “exit strategy” determines both the offer price and the budget

 Think about what ONE new idea will earn you on your next rehab, turnover, or even wholesale deal—and then ask yourself when you’ll EVER get the opportunity to see multiple properties in multiple stages of rehab along with experts to explain what’s going on. And then register, because this is a unique chance to get the inside scoop on all the challenges and opportunities in rehab today

You’ll see real investment properties at various stages of the rehab process, plus get valuable rehab tips and advice from your tour leaders Mike Jacka and Jerry Fink, who has rehabbed over 150 houses. This “up close and personal” education is priceless!


If you know anything at all about making offers, you already know that the right offer is made from a combination of the right evaluation and the right negotiation. In this training session, you’ll learn both from a hyper-experienced real-life investor. You’ll be much better at making offers that will actually get accepted and that will make money, when you learn: 

  1. How to find the sellers true motivation
  2. How to use the right tools to help you negotiate with the seller
  3. How to construct Multiple offers to increase your odds of the seller accepting one of your offers
  4. How to create an exit strategy for whichever offer the seller accepts

This workshop is designed to help you build the tools/systems needed to get your offers made quickly and easily and increase the likelihood of them getting accepted. We will learn how to 

  • How to set the right value to start with, with free online resources for finding ARV (After Repair Value).
  • How to use a “Seller Net Sheet” to negotiate more effectively—most investors have no idea how to use or present this powerful tool, but you will after this training.
  • How to use the “Multiple Offer Strategy” to get more deals by giving your sellers several options that will ALL work for you, and let him choose which best works for him!


Comps: Well show you how to use some free online resources to find true comparable sold properties to determine the ARV (After Repaired Value) of the subject property.

Negotiating: With the right tools at your disposal and a little understand of how to find the sellers true motivation then negotiating is actually a lot easier than most people think. We will spend a considerable amount of time learning how to use a Seller Net Sheet, which is a realtor’s #1 tool for getting offers accepted.

Well also discuss some basic negotiating techniques that will turn you into a master negotiator once you learn some key phrases to listen for and when to speak and how to speak when necessary.

Constructing Multiple Offers: Estimating repairs and finding good comps are the most important part of any offer, but if you don’t know how to construct an offer, then all that effort was for not. To increase your odds of getting your offer accepted, you need to present the seller with multiple options. The challenge for most investors is how to construct more than one option that works for both the seller and yourself. By the end of this workshop, you will have the tools to help you do just that.

Building a Buyers List: A Good quality buyers list will make you more efficient and confident when it comes to negotiating with sellers and constructing multiple offers. At this workshop, we will even discuss some proven strategies to help even the most inexperienced newbies as well as many seasoned investors looking to shift their business model build a quality buyers list.


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Date: October 14 thru October 15, 2017
Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


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