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You know everything there is to know about managing your rentals, right?

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

PeeWee's Place
2325 Anderson Rd.
Crescent Springs, KY

And you could manage 100's more and still have time to play.  Well, unless you define managing rentals as play you NEED to be at this meeting.

There are a number of perspectives when it comes to managing rentals.  Jim Shapiro manages other people's properties as a business.  He is going to take you down the path from when a unit is rent ready to when the proper tenant is living there.  This is going to be an interactive meeting so Jim will entertain your questions throughout.  One idea you glean from this meeting could save you a ton of money.  Proactivity is obviously better than reactivity.  So here is the story:

You just finished a rental and you spent a lot of money and put in a lot of work.  What are the specifics that you do from that point forward?  

  1. take photos of the house
  2. put together a quality, sales oriented write up
  3. put your ads on craigslist/trulia/zillow
  4. field the calls and schedule showings
  5. have candidates complete applications
  6. evaluate (how)
  7. choose a tenant
  8. review lease with them
  9. demonstrate that you will be firm on the rules
  10. deposit the deposit and initial rent and live happily ever after

Free Event

Date: Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Time: 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

PeeWee's Place
2325 Anderson Rd.
Crescent Springs, KY

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